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abstract fire vortex art photo: against a fluid dark background, vibrant red lines radiate from the center of the image, creating a mesmerizing vortex effect. Shades of red and dark brown shapes
On a blue background, an abstract shape and high-contrast white shades sucked into a vortex reproducing their shadows
red crystal pyramid in a vortex against a backdrop of a blue sky with clouds
A surreal blue crystal pyramid at sunrise under the sun on the top of a white snow field on a black background.
abstract bunch of flowers on black background
Abstract white floating veils with light yellow spots inside, shades of yellow and light from behind
Fluid lights on an olive color dominant background and olive color shades in an abstract theme.
Waves of floating green leaves with reflections of light recall the elegance and beauty of nature with its secrets that reveal themselves to the eye of those who are in search of knowledge and truth
creation is expression of love like a light that is in a flower and radiates all around pervading the petals with warmth

“Creation: Expression of Love” – Limited Edition Art Print by Bruno Paolo Benedetti“Creation: Expression of Love” – Limited Edition Art Print by Bruno Paolo Benedetti

Introducing “Creation: Expression of Love” – Limited Edition Art Print Welcome to our presentation for the sale of a limited edition photo art called “Creation: Expression of Love.” This exquisite

layers like crystals in a red dominant abstract geometric shape