BB Collection

Gallery of Images obtained by the fusion of Photography and Painting, Photography Based Digital Art, Art Photos

high contrast light and shade. Black, gleaming white and light yellow colors on veils like floating shapes.
surreal rising fire flame causes with its strength a fire whirpool
floating abstract reflections on smooth texture water with blue and white shades.
creation is expression of love like a light that is in a flower and radiates all around pervading the petals with warmth
Bright abstract shapes in gleaming white and green color with light reflections and violet shades.
light vortex on black background. Black and white abstract art photo.
On a blue background, an abstract shape and high-contrast white shades sucked into a vortex reproducing their shadows
Red crystal pyramid in a vortex in the blue sky with clouds
A surreal blue crystal pyramid at sunrise under the sun on the top of a white snow field on a black background.
Abstract white floating veils with light yellow spots inside, shades of yellow and light from behind
abstract bunch of flowers on black background
layers like crystals in a red dominant abstract geometric shape